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What Is Inner Wave Pencak Silat?

Persatuan Inti Ombak (Inner Wave Union) is a Pencak Silat Organization that shares the knowledge and philosophy of the external and internal aspects of Indonesian martial arts. The external side of this art is reflected in techniques, such as punches, kicks, blocks, weapons, etc. The internal aspect includes breathing techniques, energy cultivation, and the art of concentration. Pencak Silat has a unique philosophy that sets it apart from other martial arts styles. Pencak Silat puts people first before form or technique.  One will have the interest, further down the road, to develop a personal style that maximizes one’s strength and body.

What makes Inner Wave Silat different from other martial arts?

First and foremost, Inner Wave Silat is a “classical” martial art developed for personal defense and protection rather than winning tournaments. We study and train for realistic self defense.

Are women capable of learning and executing Inner Wave Silat techniques?

Absolutely. Inner Wave Silat techniques rely on the proper execution of a technique utilizing muscles and levers to one’s best advantage. Simply put, all students including women learn to maximize their strengths and use those strengths against an opponent’s weaknesses. Good technique is not based upon strength.

Does Inner Wave Silat train weaponry?

Yes. The art not only practices defense against weapon attacks such as clubs, knifes, and guns, but also studies the use of traditional weapons. The 5 traditional weapons Inner Wave Silat offers for study include: knife, toya/staff, sword, clurit, and whip.